christopher geiger, partner

Christopher Geiger is an executive manager who has provided instrumental direction and guidance to leading technology solutions and marketing systems companies for more than 20 years.

He is a seasoned business development professional, skilled at creating company culture and attracting top professionals to the firm. His experience in translating highly complex solutions to meet the business demands of clients across industry categories has benefited many of the world's leading companies, enabling them to address the challenges in customer relationships, information and technology strategy, data warehouses and advanced analytic systems and solutions.

Currently, Christopher is EVP, Location Sales for Select-A-Branch, an independent ATM Network dedicated to serving the needs of merchant locations, financial institutions and ATM users.

Prior to S-A-B, Christopher was EVP, Business Development for Darwin Partners where he helped transform the firm into a solutions integration organization with a national reputation for excellence serving clients such as AIG, Gartner, SAP, Micrsoft, T-Mobile, Washington Mutual, EMC, AT&T, and Marriott.  Christopher played a leading role in developing offshore technology solutions in China and also served as  a member of Darwin’s  Board of Directors.

Prior to Darwin Partners, Christopher was co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Business Development for Tessera Enterprise Systems, one of the world’s leading CRM solutions providers and the first company to use massively parallel technology for a broad range of applications in the data warehouse, data mart, analytic and campaign management fields.  Christopher built the Tessera sales force and attracted customer oriented companies such as AIG, UBS, (Switzerland), Uni Credito (Italy), Microsoft, Amazon, Bank of America, Fleet, Lands’ End, Eddie Bauer, and Charles Schwab.  Tessera was purchased by IXL in 1999, returning a seven times multiple on sales and a ten times return on invested capital.

Christopher began his career at Epsilon where he became Senior Vice President of Business Development of Epsilon’s High Performance Computing business unit.  Working with clients such as American Express, BMG, Disney, Apple and Microsoft, the HPC team became Epsilon’s all time fastest growing business unit. Christopher started his career at Epsilon as an account manager and sales leader within Epsilon’s consumer and business to business units.

Christopher received his B.A. in International Relations from Georgetown University and is a graduate of Harvard’s PMD program.

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