Proven methodology, experience guides tech client to successful implementation of new marketing platform

Business problem

A provider of hosted application services was rapidly outgrowing their existing marketing platform and needed to identify and successfully implement a new, scalable system.


The company turned to Geiger and Company to identify and document the current and future requirements of the marketing platform as well as identify suppliers who could best meet the company's needs.  Using a proven methodology and subject matter expertise, Geiger and Company consultants met with stakeholders to learn how the existing system was used, and develop a prioritized list of desired new functionality, including identifying customization required.  The resulting platform requirements document was used to contract with suppliers and guide implementation. 

Once the supplier was identified and project implementation started, a Geiger and Company consultant worked with the joint project team as an extension of the client's executive sponsor to provide business leadership and continuity for the  project stakeholders to ensure the project was delivered on-time, on budget and according to specifications.


During project implementation, Geiger and Company anticipated several performance gaps and helped implement practical solutions to keep the project on track.  The consultant also worked with the client and supplier to provide feedback on team performance.

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